Here is a bit of cowboy terminology that you might not know. Below are a few terms that cowboy’s used to communicate while out on the range. It was not uncommon to hear a lot of these words on a daily basis. Currently these words are now used in passing, movies, cartoons and in other media. It is a good idea to learn a few of these terms if you or your child is going to dress up as a cowboy for Halloween. These words will add to the realism of the character.

CHARRO: This a Mexican cowboy who conducts himself as a gentleman. Charros are flashy riders. They dress with traditional bright clothing. Jalisco and Guerrero are the main parts of Mexico where the charro originated from.

CHARREADA: This is a group of charros getting together to show their skilled riding, roping, and bull tailing.

BIG CIRCLE RIDERS: This term relates to where a Cowboy needs to start in relation to where the cattle are located. Once the cowboy has his spot, then it is just a matter of pushing the cattle into the holding grounds for processing.

BUCKAROO: Comes from the Mexico.
This is a rider from the states of northern Nevada, parts of southern Idaho, upper California and southeastern Oregon. They wore hats which were flat, chinks and rode saddles with the bucking rolls on them. They tended to ride with gear that was little more fancy than normal. It was common to see them with lots of silver.

CHUCK WAGON COOK: No matter where on the range the cattle was being driven, a cook or wagon driver was always on hand. The older a cowboy became the less he could work the range. He would retire into a Cook or Wagon driver. Both were well respected position for a retiring cowboy.

COW BOSS: This was the main cowboy. In was in charge of the entire cattle operation. They would do the hiring and directing of the cowboys. He only answered to the general manager of the ranch.

COWGIRL: This is the female version of the cowboy. Most women in the old west were good for taken care of the household chores and also lending a hand with the ranch duties. She was also good with a weapon. The rifle was the weapon of choice for the cowgirl.

These are just a handful of terms that a cowboy needed to know while on the range.

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